Recycling Plastics: Other Types of Items

Take a look around you. Do you realize how much plastic you use in your everyday life? Plastics are perhaps one of the most common materials that you may use on a daily basis. Plastics are all around you from the plastic utensils you may use at a party to the plastic coat hangers in your closet to plastic water bottles you drink from every day. Even the grocery bags you use to bring home items from the store are made from plastic. When you consider how many people in the United States are throwing away plastics at any given time, it is a scary thought.

The Importance of Recycling Plastics

The sheer volume of plastics that are thrown away everyday is a good enough reason to recycle. When all of those materials are thrown into the landfill, they are taking up tons and tons of space. Plastic does not break down and is not biodegradable. It will stay in those landfills for years. Plastics can also be dangerous to animals who may get trapped or caught in them or may choke while trying to ingest them. If a child were to pick up the materials, they could choke on them as well.

Recyclable Easily

The good news is that plastics, even these other types of items, can be recycled. You will need to make sure you choose a company that can recycle the types of plastics you are discarding, and this is based on a certain number that the plastic contains. If you look on the bottom of a plastic bottle or cup, you will see # and then a number. Different types of plastics are recycled in different ways.

Plastics are used all around us on a daily basis. Drinking straws, plastic baggies, packaging materials, lids, and cups are all often made of plastics, and that amount of material can be dangerous for the environment. Be sure to recycle properly.