Recycle Your Home Telephones

With all the news we hear about recycling mobile phones and other electronic devices, we often forget that some of the older technology in our lives can be recycled as well.  The telephone in your home may not get as much use as it once did, especially if you’re using your cell phone on a regular basis.  Before you toss it in the trash, you should consider taking it to a recycling facility.  There are several components in your home phone that could be used again, and the plastics can be recycled for use in other products.

What Happens to the Old Phones?

When you take the time to deliver your old telephones to a recycling facility, they will undergo extensive transformation.  Many of the parts inside are made of metals that can be reused or recycled.  Those are melted down and reformed into the new products.  The electronics can often be reused in new electronics, as well.  As for the plastics used in the telephones, that is the easiest to recycle.  The plastic melted down and used in new items that require the same chemical makeup.  Almost every part of the old telephones can be repurposed so that nothing becomes waste that takes up space in our landfills.

Where to Recycle

Most recycling centers will accept your old telephones, but it is wise to call ahead to be sure.  Recycle San Diego provides the names of several recycling facilities, so you can locate the one nearest you.  Most of these facilities will not charge you to take your old telephones, but you may want to call ahead, since these contain electronic parts.

By calling ahead, you can also verify the opening hours.  Though most operate on regular business hours, you don’t want to find locked doors when you arrive.