Recycle Your Old PDAs

At the rate in which technology is moving, people are moving through PDAs, cell phones, and other mobile devices faster than ever.  It’s easy enough to toss them into the trash when we’re done with them, but that could be very dangerous for the environment.  Many of the components in these electronic devices contain chemicals that shouldn’t be introduced into nature.  That’s only one reason you should consider recycling your old PDAs with Recycle San Diego.

Other Benefits for Recycling PDAs

Not only does recycling your old PDA keep the components from contaminating our soil and groundwater, it also gives manufacturers a chance to reuse parts.  There is always a strain on resources, and creating new internal parts for PDAs isn’t always easy.  Did you know that gold is often a main component in your electronic devices?  When you throw them away, that gold can’t be used again.  If you recycle, however, the strain on manufacturers to find more gold is lessened considerably.

Where to Recycle

If you’re ready to recycle your old PDAs and mobile devices, you can consult Recycle San Diego for the drop-off locations.  There are always several throughout the city, but it’s wise to call ahead to make sure the center closest to you can handle the devices you wish to dispose of.  By calling ahead, you can also learn of the operating hours.  Most of the centers keep regular business hours, but it’s always wise to check so that you’re not surprised when you arrive to locked doors.

How the Recycling Process Works

Most centers will not charge fees for recycling your old PDAs or mobile devices, but it’s always a good idea to check first.  These devices will then be broken down and reused accordingly.  Plastics, metals, and other recyclables will be repurposed, and the electronics will be upgraded and used in new devices.