The Importance of Recycling White Office Paper

One of the easiest materials to recycle is white office paper, and yet many businesses still don’t make the effort.  Paper can be recycled and repurposed several times before the fibers are too weak to use again, saving the environment in several different ways.  Not only do we cut down on the natural resources used to make paper, we also eliminate much of the waste that ends up in landfills.  Why would we refuse to recycle paper when it is so easy to do?  Simply put, the additional work to separate the paper and get it to the right facility is sometimes just not worth it to business owners.

Where to Recycle

While many cities offer recycling services for small amounts of paper, larger amounts may require more work.  You can contact any of the facilities with Recycle San Diego to inquire about recycling services for white office paper.  In many cases, you can bring the paper in just as it is, without removing staples or paper clips.  Before you make any assumptions, it’s a great idea to ask.  You can find out what time the facility is open and how much paper they will accept.  There is rarely a charge for paper recycling, unless you have so much that you must have the materials collected and delivered to the facility for you.

What Happens to the Paper

In almost every case, the paper you take for recycling will be processed and repurposed.  You can do an even bigger part for the environment by buying as many recycle paper products as you can, both for your business and for personal use.  When you make a point of recycling the paper your company uses and purchasing recycled paper to use, you can set an example for other businesses to do the same.