Recycling Your Used Oil Filters

Most of us understand that motor oil is hazardous to our health. After all, you wouldn’t want to drink the stuff! But what you may not know is that recycling your used oil filters is not only recommended by most environmental advocates, but it is necessary to preventing the contamination of our earth and water supply. If you haven’t recycled your old filters before, you may not know where to drop them off, but rest assured there are places in your area that will service this need.


Oil Filter Exchanges

One popular way to dispose of used oil filters is through something called an oil filter exchange event. These events are often sponsored by the local Public Works Department, although they are also popular among auto repair shops and service centers. The idea is that you bring in your old oil filters and exchange them for new ones. The old filters are then properly recycled by the collection agency. These collection events are usually open to residents of a particular community, and oftentimes will have specific rules on the containment of the oil filters. Make sure that you comply with all the requirements before you attempt to participate.

Alternative Routes

You don’t need to find a special event to recycle your old oil filters. Many service centers and quick lubes will take used oil filters at all times. Your local recycling service also probably has oil recycling services, as long as you know where to find them. A quick phone call will tell you all you need to know.

Save the Earth

Because oil is a hazardous material, when people throw their used oil filters away, it has some nasty effects on the earth. Oil and other motor fluids can seep into the earth and ground water, poisoning the surrounding area.