Find Recycling Facilities for Metal Halide Lamps

Because metal halide lamps are often used in industrial and commercial buildings, there is usually more than one to dispose of at any given time.  Before you send it directly to the trash facilities in your office building, you should realize that there are components in those bulbs that could cause some problems.  Mercury is used in small amounts, but it doesn’t take much of this toxic element to poison someone, and that’s why you should be sure you dispose of these lamps the right way.  Even the smallest amount of mercury leaking in a landfill can seep into the groundwater, so imagine what it would be like is there were thousands of bulbs in that same landfill, all leaking mercury.

Finding a Good Recycling Center

When you’re ready to rid yourself of metal halide lamps, you can rely on the Recycle San Diego group to point you in the right direction. This organization provides a website, http://localhost:8888/rsd, where you can find information about collection sites.  The comprehensive listing shows the facilities that are closest to your home, and you can also find contact information so that you can call ahead to verify business hours.  Though it’s a bit of hassle to take your items to the centers, you have to remember that it’s much better for the earth in the long run.

What Happens Then?

After you drop off your bulbs, they will be separated according to components. The glass, metal, and plastic pieces can be used again in other bulbs, but the mercury must be dealt with properly.  You can be sure that the mercury will be disposed of in the cleanest way possible, so that you’ll never need to worry about that toxin entering your water system.  In addition, you can take pride in knowing that you provided more materials to make new bulbs.