How to Recycle Mercury Items

Mercury is a substance found throughout the household, most commonly in thermometers. If not disposed of properly, mercury poses a serious health risk to those that come into contact with it. That is why it is a good idea to recycle mercury items if necessary so that they will be handled and reused properly without harming the environment or the people that encounter the mercury. By recycling mercury, you can prevent the exposure of others to mercury so that future generations can enjoy a better environment.


The Benefits of Recycling Mercury Items

If mercury is simply discarded into a landfill, it can cause serious problems by exposing the mercury to the air and water in the surrounding areas. Mercury is toxic to the environment, and once a specific location has been exposed, the mercury can’t be removed. In order to ensure that the environment is protected from mercury, it is important to find a local recycling center that will accept mercury.  Since mercury is such a dangerous element, it is important to make sure that you dispose of it properly by recycling it so that it can be reused or placed in a safe location that will not have harmful effects on the environment.

Where to Recycle Mercury Items

If you have found an item that contains mercury, you should contact your local recycling agencies first to see if they accept mercury items. If they do, you can easily take the mercury items to the recycling center or wait for them to be picked up with your normal recycling. If they do not accept mercury, you may want to search the Internet for any local centers that may be able to recycle mercury items. You may also be able to find another location that will allow you to safely and properly dispose of the mercury.