How to Recycle a Mattress

When you get a new mattress, you may wonder what you can do with your old one besides taking it to the local dump or landfill. Fortunately, there is legislation in California that will improve mattress recycling.   In terms of recycling your mattress right now the Miramar landfill and certain junk haulers seem to be the best option.

  • City of San Diego Residents Contact Environmental Services: 858-694-7000
  • All Other County Residents call: 1-877-R-1-EARTH (1-877-713-2784)
  • For pickup of mattress for a small fee call Freds Junk Removal at 619-245-9957


In order to make sure that your mattress is put to good use, you need to find a good sustainable, recycling center that will allow you to bring in the mattress. Some of these recycling agencies may be able to pick up the mattress if necessary, so you should ask if it is not possible for you to bring the mattress yourself. Since mattress and bed parts can be easily reused, it is important for the environment and for the future to ensure that all mattresses are recycled. A good recycling center can reuse 90% or more of the mattress, and this means less waste in the landfills.

Who to Contact when You Need to Recycle a Mattress

When you decide that it is time to recycle your mattress, you should contact all local recycling agencies (listed above) to see what their procedures are in terms of mattress recycling. If they do not accept mattresses, they may know someone else that does. If you cannot find a local recycling center, you should contact a local mattress or furniture store to see if they will accept the mattress or if they have any advice as to where you could take it to recycle it. If the store accepts the mattress, make sure that they are not going to just dispose of the mattress by taking it to a landfill.

You can also have the mattress refurbished and then donate it to a local charitable organization. If you are interested in this option, you will need to contact a local store that refurbishes mattresses. You can find contact information on the Internet for places that will refurbish old mattresses.

The Natural Resources Defense Council has a mattress recycling program.