Protect the Environment by Recycling Living Trees

At some point, you may want to recycle a living tree either after Christmas or when you are removing a tree from your yard. When you recycle a living tree, you are helping to preserve the natural environment by ensuring that the tree can be reused. There are more options than ever when it comes to recycling living trees, and it becomes easier every year to find smart, sustainable ways to recycle your trees.


Reasons to Consider Recycling Living Trees

When you are able to recycle living trees, you can easily begin to make a lasting impact on the environment through these sustainable practices. Living trees make the ideal environment for birds and other wildlife, and you can take advantage of several recycling options to make sure that your tree is put to good use once the season is over. Also, recycling helps cut down on the amount of landfill waste, keeping the area as clean as possible and brightening the area.

How to Recycle Living Trees

You may be able to contact your local government or municipality to see whether or not they offer curbside pick up of your trees. In many areas, these offices may be able to pick up your trees and recycle them; however, some local governments may just dispose of the tree so it is important to ask about what will be done with the tree once it has been picked up. You can also contact local recycling centers to see what they recommend as to how to recycle your living trees.

You can also consider a DIY recycling option, such as putting the tree back into the natural environment to become a habitat for wildlife. If you live near a pond or lake, trees can be gently placed in these areas, as they make for an ideal living environment for fish and underwater creatures. You can also place the living tree in a wooded area to serve the same purpose for land animals and birds.