How to Recycle Light Strands before the Holidays

If you have any light strands in your home that you are ready to dispose of, there are several options that you can consider in terms of recycling them. Old light strands, like Christmas light strings, can be recycled and reused for environmental purposes. If you have lights that run on traditional forms of light, you can now trade or recycle your light strands for sustainable LED light strands.


In helping to promote energy efficient practices, it is important to make sure that all of the lights in your home have been replaced with LED light sources. To make the transition, you will want to look through your home to find any used light strands that can be recycled. You will then want to locate a local facility that will recycle the used light strands and ask about any procedures that you will need to follow before you bring the lights in. In order to conserve the environment and promote the recycle or reuse of your lights, taking the time to find a local center that will recycle your used light strands is an excellent way to give back to the environment.

Where to Recycle Light Strands in Your Area

There are several areas in your county, city, or town that may be able to recycle your used lights. You may be able to take the light strands to a light bulb exchange event in your area. The Home Depot has also sponsored a program that allows you to trade in your used light strands for more energy-efficient LED strands. You can also contact your local recycling agency to ask if they will accept the light strands, and if not, where you can take the light strands so that they will be recycled or reused. You can also donate your old light strands to a charitable organization if you cannot find a recycling center in your area.