Can You Recycle Kerosene?

In the modern era it is interesting to watch how old trends are shifting into entirely new ones. For example, less than five years ago it was preferable to “burn” a cheaper fuel in a home furnace, such as kerosene. It was also much cleaner in terms of how well it burnt in the furnace.

Today, that has changed and wavering fuel prices have made kerosene less appealing. A lot of people have been ordering regular home heating oil in anticipation of the winter months instead of stocking up on kerosene. Some people also used to supplement their homes with small kerosene heaters, and are now left with small amounts of fuel that they may not use at all. What should they do with it?


What to do with Kerosene

While it can be used in many ways that are similar to gasoline, it is best to find a transfer station that will safely handle the material and get it to the proper location for reuse or recycling.

Resources for Kerosene Recycling

How do you handle kerosene for this sort of recycling activity? You must first contact your local transfer station in order to find out when and where they do hazardous materials events. During these times they hire special vehicles to come and to receive all kinds of traditional hazardous materials. The vehicles have special containers or boxes that will not leak – even if they are in some sort of accident.

Most will not charge you to drop off materials,  though there are also many that do ask for a small fee to bring your products. At that time the staff of the facility will sort your materials, and they usually ask that kerosene is brought in a safe and tightly sealed container. They also ask that you mark the container clearly to help the staff deposit the product in the proper transportation carrier.