News about Recycling Insulation

Here’s a wonderful bit of news from the National Insulation Association – they are effectively finding ways of taking old insulation and recycling it into new forms! Though the science is not yet perfected, there will soon be a time when discarded fiberglass panels can be converted into acoustic and thermal insulation materials instead!


What’s Wrong with Insulation

Why shouldn’t the old materials just be pitched into the nearest trash bin? Insulation is made from glass, or fiberglass, that can leach into the ground and pose threats and risks to the local wildlife and human population. It is not legal to just toss a huge amount of insulation into the trash.

For now we have to accept that most insulation is going to be disposed of in a local landfill, but there are ways that this can be done while also reducing the environmental impact as well. For example, if you have taken out a small amount of fiberglass insulation from the walls in your home you can safely pack this into a large plastic bag (usually the “zipper” types) and compress it into a small package for disposal. If you have too much to dispose of this way you will want to contact the local transfer station and discuss the options.

How to Succeed with Insulation Recycling

Most of the time you will have to “double bag” the insulation in what are known as contractor bags. These are tall and durable bags that are easy to handle and also convenient for large quantities of compressed insulation. You may be asked to deliver your bags to a special area of the landfill or even to pay a disposal fee for the town or local authority to ship the materials to a proper facility.

Is it worthwhile doing all of this? Absolutely! Insulation can be a nightmare in the landfill and paying a small fee to keep this stuff out of the environment is a good choice.