Recycling Programs and Inkjet Cartridges

It is interesting to consider the most universally recycled items in the modern world. Sure, there are the food and beverage containers, the plastic bags, and the cardboard, but there are also all of those inkjet cartridges. These are all different but do the same thing – they hold the ink that a printer uses to make documents or photos. Unfortunately, they run out of their contents fairly quickly, and need to be recycled in order to prevent mountains of empty containers appearing all over the landscape.


Why Consider Recycling and Inkjet Cartridges

If you go to any large business office you will see containers specifically tagged for inkjet cartridges for recycling. If you go to any college campuses you will also see boxes marked as being for all kinds of inkjet cartridges. If you visit any office supply stores there are also collection points for them too.

There is more than a single reason that these are recycled. For one thing, we already mentioned that there would be mountains of these things if they were not recycled, but people also use recycling for inkjet cartridges to save money and reduce pollution. There are still some manufacturers that give a small financial reward to a client who sends in their empty cartridges, and there are some companies that collect large number of cartridges and compensate the client for gathering them together.

How to Find Recycling Options for Inkjet Cartridges

Though not packed with harmful chemicals, they are made of plastic that is relatively slow to degrade, and this is yet another reason that they must be recycled.

To do so is VERY easy. You can scour your local resources for drop off bins – check schools, libraries, supply stores, and local businesses to see if they have free drop off points. If not, go online and see what your printer manufacturer offers. They might send you a pre-paid envelope in which to return empty cartridges for a small reward!