The Popular Incandescent Light Bulb

Almost everyone is using or has used the incandescent light bulb in their homes. Before the creation of the compact fluorescent bulb, which is better for the environment and more energy efficient, these bulbs were all that were available for home use of standard light fixtures and lamps. While many people are still using the incandescent light bulb in their home, they are slowly losing popularity because they use more energy and they burn out much more quickly. If you have these types of bulbs in your home, then make sure you do not just throw them in the trash.

Why Recycle the Bulbs

Many people wonder why they should recycle an incandescent light bulb. After all, it does not contain mercury. Why is it so important to recycle? The answer is danger to landfills. The landfills in our country are already overflowing with items that will not break down and these bulbs fall right into that category. The incandescent light bulb is made from glass and metal. Both of these elements can easily be recycled, but in the land fill, they will never break down.

How They are Recycled

When you take the incandescent light bulbs to a recycling center, they can be disposed of properly. The glass and the metal within these bulbs can easily be recycled and reused in other uses. It is important, though, that you find the type recycling center that can handle these types of light bulbs in particular. Not all recycling centers will be able to take them in.

The next time you have a light bulb burn out; make sure you are doing the right thing with it. If you throw it in the trash, you are sending it to a land fill, where it will be a detriment to the environment. Instead, consider recycling these popular bulbs for a better earth.