Finding HID Lamp Recycling

As with most light bulbs, HID lamps are also recyclable, but you must take care to ensure they go to the right facility.  You cannot simply add your HID lamps to your glass collection bins and turn them all in together.  Instead, you must find a facility that accepts only light bulbs.  You see, there are tiny components to each bulb, and they must all be dealt with the right way.  To give those over to a glass recycler would chance the possibility that foreign components are introduced to glass that might someday become packaging for food and drink.

Where to Recycle

Because these components are so specialized, it’s important for you to find the right recycling facilities.  These can be found through Recycle San Diego, an organization that strives to make recycling easier for everyone.  The website, http://localhost:8888/rsd, provides a comprehensive listing of the many recycling centers available in the San Diego area, including those that deal with used light bulbs and HID lamps.  You can seek out the name of the facility closest to your home, and then use the contact information to determine the operating hours.  It’s not a bad idea to let them know you’re coming and how much you’re planning to bring with you, either.

What Happens to the HID Lamp?

When you take them in for recycling, the components are separated and dealt with accordingly.  The glass and metal are both crushed and reused in other things, while any mercury is taken and disposed of properly.  This mercury is the biggest reason that you can’t simply turn your bulbs over to the garbage or a regular glass recycling facility, as this toxic element can cause poisoning, especially if introduced to humans through groundwater.  When you recycle your HID lamps correctly, you won’t need to worry about the contamination at all.