Recycling Old Furniture Frees Up Landfill Space

What is Furniture?

Furniture includes any type of product that is used for sitting on, eating on, decoration and so forth. Items that are considered furniture include chairs, couches, beds, tables, bookshelves, desks and anything else that is found within a home and used for various functions. Furniture is often made of wood, but sometimes it is made of other materials as well including various fabrics, metals, and plastics. Many people will keep furniture for quite a long time, but when these pieces are on their last leg, it may be time to get rid of them. It is highly recommended that furniture be recycled.

Why Recycle Old Furniture?

Old furniture that is no longer functional should be recycled because the materials of the pieces, as well as in any upholstery on the items, can contain chemicals and other pollutants. When the pieces sit in a landfill, they may give off these toxins that can then filter through into our water or enter the air as dangerous gases. In order to reduce this pollution, as well as to free up space in landfills, you can easily recycle your old furniture items instead of throwing them out to rot. You will also save energy because it takes less energy to produce new items out of recycled materials than it does to create new items from scratch.

How to Recycle Furniture

If you want to recycle your old furniture, you can do so by breaking down the items yourself and using the component parts to make new things, or by contacting a local recycling company. Many companies that have special equipment may ask you to come by and drop off your old furniture, which they can safely break down and reuse again. Repurposing the furniture yourself is very simple and will give you all new items without having to spend more of your hard earned money.