Safe Disposal of a Freezer that is Working Cuts Down on Energy Use

Very often people get tired of the freezer that they currently have. A freezer is a device that is used to hold items that are frozen and need to stay that way. They utilize electrical power to maintain a temperature that is below freezing at all times. They often come as a set along with a refrigerator. New and more energy efficient models are manufactured every single day, with different finishes and fancy additions. Some people may decide to get rid of this appliance even though is still works because they want a new model. If you want to get rid of a freezer that still works, then you need to recycle or donate it.


Why Recycle a Freezer that is Working?

A freezer that is still working will contain a large amount of dangerous compounds, oils, and refrigerants that have been proven to be very damaging to the environment. Federal laws have made it absolutely clear that you must recycle a freezer if you do not wish to have it anymore. It takes a lot of energy and raw materials to create a new freezer, and if your appliance still works it is important that you donate it to charity or recycle it to cut down on energy emissions. The pollutants inside must be handled in the proper way by those who know how to do so and the steel and other metal parts inside can be used again. You will cut down on energy use and not take up landfill space when you recycle your freezer that is working.

How to Recycle a Freezer

In order to recycle your freezer that is still working you can do one of two things. You can either donate it to charity or have it recycled. Both options reuse the still working item and keep your waste levels down. If you choose to recycle it, sometimes the company that sells you your new appliance will be willing to take your old one and recycle it for you. You can also discuss your options with your waste management company or find a freezer recycling program in your area. With donation, you can take your freezer that is working to a secondhand store or give to someone that you know who is in need. Both options will make use of the either the appliance that is still intact, or will break down the freezer safely without polluting the Earth.