Recycling a Freezer that is Not Working Protects the Environment

A freezer is a very useful item that most people have to hold items that need to remain frozen. They use electricity to hold a very cold, stable temperature. Sometimes they are attached to a refrigerator, other times they are free standing freezers that can hold a lot of frozen items. If your freezer has stopped working properly, you might be considering getting a new one. Once you buy your replacement model, you will need to find a way to safely dispose of the freezer that is not working.


The Benefits of Recycling a Freezer that is Not Working

A freezer that is not working should be recycled because freezers contain such detriments to the earth as refrigerants, oils and other compounds. Federal law requires that these dangerous items be removed and then the freezer broken down to prevent these toxic pollutants from damaging the Earth. The steel and other metals utilized in the item can then be reused for the manufacturing of other items. This cuts down on carbon emissions, as an already created metal means no extra energy needs to be used to create more usable metal. You are not only breaking the law if you improperly handle a freezer that is not working, but you will also take up landfill space with items that can be utilized once again.

Methods for Recycling a Freezer

In order to recycle your freezer that is not working, you have a few options. A large number of retailers will pick up your old freezer and recycle it for you when they deliver a new model. This means you do not have to do the heavy lifting and the recycling is quickly taken care of. There are also special recycling centers that have the processing equipment that allows them to handle this type of appliance. You can also contact your utility company, as some of these companies will pick-up and dispose of various appliances. Your waste management company may also be equipped for this type of recycling, so give them a call to find out.