Protect the Environment by Recycling Fluorescent Tubes

What Are Fluorescent Tubes?

Fluorescent tubes are tube-shaped bulbs that are used for everyday lighting in homes, offices, schools and anywhere else that has lights in need of this shape of bulb. They differ from incandescent bulbs, which are your standard light bulbs, because they use less energy. They are developed and designed specifically to provide bright light without sapping excess electricity. They are useful because they provide long lasting illumination so that they do not need to be replaced as often. They also are very energy efficient, as they use 75 percent less of the energy that incandescents do. They save residents and business owners money on electric bills and they cut down on waste since you need to you less.


The Benefits of Recycling Fluorescent Tubes

Fluorescent tube lights need to be recycled because of the mercury that is contained within them. In order to produce these energy efficient tube bulbs, the manufacturer must use some amount of mercury. This mercury can have damaging effects on the environment and cause such issues as water and air pollution. In order to cut down on these detriments, fluorescent tubes should be recycled properly. They can then be broken down in a manner that is gentle on the Earth, yet keeps the dangerous mercury out of the environment.

How to Recycle Fluorescent Tubes

You can recycle fluorescent tubes by finding a recycling center near you that has the ability to properly process and break down these bulbs. You can find such a place by looking in the phone book and contacting various centers, or by searching online. Another resource you can use to find a center to recycle these bulbs is your local hardware store or retailer that sells these lights. They may have a special program to process these, or they may know of the best one in your area that will take these off of your hands safely.