Reduce Your Carbon Footprint By Recycling Old Flip Flops

What are Flip Flops?

Flip Flops are some of the most popular footwear in America and all over the world. They are usually made of rubber, with a thick rubber sole that has a piece of plastic or rubber on top to hold them on to the feet. They can get worn out very quickly, and are often worn to the pool or beach. Once a pair of flip flops is not longer usable, they need to be recycled.


Why Recycle Flip Flops?

Flip Flops should be recycled when the user no longer wants to wear them or they cannot be worn anymore because of excessive wear and tear. They are made of materials that do not easily break down like rubber and plastic. If they are thrown in the trash, these flimsy shoes can remain in a landfill for thousands of years. They can also release detrimental gases into the air as they eventually break down, leaving behind air pollution as well. Recycling of the rubber and the plastic is easy and the materials can be broken down, melted and then reused to help protect the soil, air, and water on Earth and to free up precious landfill space.

How to Recycle Flip Flops

These summertime staple shoes can be recycled in a number of ways, including:

  • Donating them to the needy.

If the shoes are still wearable they can be given to a local thrift store or the Salvation Army to be worn by someone in need.

  • Finding a flip flop recycling center online.

More and more centers are equipped to process these types of shoes. Search online for one near you to take the shoes to, or find one anywhere that you can mail the shoes to quickly and easily.

Once these shoes are recycled, they will be used once again in the creation of other important products. You can rest easy knowing you have reduced your carbon footprint and have contributed to the cleaning up of the environment.