Recycling Fire Fighting Chemicals

Firefighting materials can be recycled. In fact, recycling firefighting chemicals is one of the best things you can do for the environment and, of course, it also makes certain that these chemicals get reprocessed into other useful items. One of the places you can go to recycle fire fighting chemicals is Firehawk Corp. located at 3962 Sorrento Valley Boulevard, San Diego, California 92121.


When to Go

You can go drop off your fire fighting chemicals anytime between 8 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday. This company will take fire extinguishers and other fire fighting chemicals off your hands and recycle them for you. Whether or not you get remittance for dropping off materials depends upon what it is you’re dropping off. Remember, however, that recycling fire extinguishers sometimes means recharging them so that you get more use out of them. Some businesses are able to take the fire fighting chemicals out of fire extinguishers and replace them so that the device can be used again and again. There will be an indicator on your fire extinguisher that will tell you when it’s time to have this done.

Firehawk takes materials from residential customers. If you have a kitchen fire extinguisher or another fire extinguisher in your home and it is past its prime, go ahead and bring it down and you can either recycle it or haven’t recharged. If you’re not sure whether a fire extinguisher is expired, it’s always best to assume that the fire fighting chemicals in it are no longer effective. It’s not very expensive to have a fire extinguisher recharged and, if you wish to do so, you can go ahead and bring it down during Firehawk’s business hours and have it taken care of. You’ll be doing a service to the environment and you’ll be saving money, too.