An Introduction to Fire and Fiber Rolls or “Straw Waddles” in Erosion Control

Are you looking for information on erosion and fire technology?  Fiber Rolls a.k.a. Straw Waddles are erosion control techniques that can provide a green solution.  The benefits of fiber rolls include drain inlet protection during storms, the ability to direct runoff water, as well as numerous functional benefits.


Straw Waddles are tubes of rice straw that can be used for erosion control…

They are about nine inches in diameter and over twenty feet long (length is customizable).  In materials, these items are usually made from biodegradable burlap or UV degradable plastic.  Rice straw is the preferred choice since it lasts longer than other materials due to silicon.

Where straw waddles can help is in the area of…

The intention behind these fiber rolls is to stabilize landscapes, particularly slopes.  Fiber rolls can stabilize the slopes by shortening the length and spreading and filtering out the overland flow.  The result is that it prevents sheet erosion, not to mention the development of other contaminants that result when runoff goes down a slope.

Why is runoff a potential problem for the environment?

The problem here is that runoff carries sediment and seeds as it goes down a slope; with fire fiber rolls or straw waddles, (an erosion control technology) the sediment can be held in place and the re-vegetation process can begin.  It filters out runoff but holds the valuable sediment.  This is an ideal solution for protecting lakes, ponds, rivers and streams from pollution.

In addition, these items can be used on flat ground projects in urban communities.  They can be used to protect storm drains from pollution, as well as sidewalk gutters.  These safety procedures are all the more important after a fire has taken place.  For more information, contact the erosion control center in your area.