Fire Extinguishers

A Recycling Perspective Toward Fire Extinguishers

Going green is a commendable act that will help reduce the useless waste filling landfills, which are doing harm to the planet.  Of course, you recycle your plastic containers and paper, but there are a number of things around your home that you may not know can be recycled.  For example, did you know that fire extinguishers can be recycled?


Steel is in fact 100% recyclable…

A high percentage of a fire extinguisher’s casing is made of steel, meaning it is the perfect candidate for recycling.  Do you have an old extinguisher lying around?  Here is how to recycle it.

Recycling fire extinguishers is surprisingly easy…

First determine if the bottle is empty or full.  Almost all extinguishers have an easy to read gauge so this step should be easy enough.  If it is an empty, it is recommended that you first squeeze the handle in a safe location to be sure there are in fact no contents.  Then take the top off of it so those handling it next will know it is empty.  From there, you can find a local recycling center that accepts them, and bring both the top and the rest to be recycled.  It is that easy!  Kudos for doing something good for the planet.

Even full extinguishers are easy to recycle!

If the extinguisher is old or undercharged, you have a few options.  One of the best ways to recycle this would be to contact your local fire department and see if they are willing to recharge the extinguisher for you.  If so then it is as good as new!  If that is not an option then you can contact your local hazardous waste center and have them dispose of it properly for you.  Fire extinguishers that have contents left are considered hazardous, so please don’t throw them in the trash!

If you have old fire extinguishers lying around remember not to trash them but to recycle and reuse for the good of the planet.