Fax Machines

How Do I Recycle a Old Fax Machines?

Do you still use your fax machine or is it sitting in a corner collecting dust?  Perhaps you use it so much that it has finally given out.  If it is time to finally get rid of it, don’t throw it out!  Landfills are overflowing, and the earth really needs a helping hand.  Be green and recycle that machine!


The best way to recycle is to pass it on…

If your fax machine is still working, but you are getting rid of it simply because you do not use it, then find someone to pass it on to.  You can donate it to thrift stores or charities, find someone local who would love to have it, or even put a classified ad up online or in the paper to see if anyone can use it.  You can make someone’s day and recycle at the same time!

What if your fax machine is broken?

Over time, especially with a lot of use like in an office setting, fax machines can break down.  No one is likely to want your broken machine, but that doesn’t mean it can only go into the trash!  Usually the best place to start is to go online and check the recycling centers in your area.  Many centers do accept fax machines for recycling.  A quick search and car trip, and you will have done your good deed for the day!

Some recycling centers will even come and pick up your old electronics…

Look around and see if there is anything else that needs to be recycled and then make the call to have your items picked up all at once.  Do the right thing, and recycle all your old electronic items like fax machines and other electronic gadgets.  Going green is simple, and we can all really make a difference for our planet if more people start pitching in.