Recycling Tips for Dealing with Electronics and Miscellaneous Working Items

If you have unwanted electronics even miscellaneous working ones, you should consider recycling them.  Electronic waste has been dubbed by popular sources as e-waste, and in a growing electronic world, there is a lot of it.  So what should you do with all of your unwanted electronic items?


Don’t throw your e-waste away, consider e-cycling it instead!

It is hard to resist the allure of buying the biggest, baddest and the best on the market when it comes to electronics.  You computer works just fine, however the newest model is faster and holds more.  Your phone is good, but the new one out has all kinds of new applications you are dying to try out.  Even your TV works fine, but stores are having a sale on a much bigger one.  Your old electronics work just fine however, and they will still be “new” to someone out there, so don’t let them become landfill!  There are several ways you can recycle them.

Why not consider those less fortunate than you?

Donating your electronic items is a form of recycling that comes with the added bonus of doing something good for someone else.  Know any college students that would love your old laptop?  Or a new family that would really get some use out of your old television?  Even if you don’t know someone personally, you can always donate your items to charity or thrift stores.

What if no one wants your older items?

If you cannot find anyone to take your items, you can always consider taking it to a recycling center.  There the items will often be dismantled down to their parts, sorted and then melted down, reused or repurposed.  By recycling these items, you are reducing pollution.  There will be less manufacturing of new products and more reserving resources, since less landfill space will be needed.  The more people adopt this green-friendly practice, the closer we will come to making a permanent change.