Recycling DVD Players

DVD players are very recyclable items. When people first became aware of recycling as something that they could do for the environment, it was usually pretty simple. Plastic bottles, aluminum cans, tin cans and other common household items were picked up by the municipality or the county and trucked off to be recycled. DVD players, of course, are very complex devices that contain many different materials. These materials, however, are recyclable to a significant degree.



DVD players are made up of a lot of different recyclable materials. The small belts and other components in the DVD players most people have are made of petroleum products. These are recyclable. The circuit boards contain metals and other materials that are also recyclable. Among the most valuable materials that you’ll find in DVD players are metals. Most of them are made out of several different metals. In some cases, they may have some precious metals that are used in certain components. At the very least, there will be copper in their wiring. Copper is highly recyclable and, compared to most common metals, expensive.


Recycling DVD players has many of the same benefits as does recycling computers. Some of the materials that are used in the manufacture of circuit boards are known to be toxic. Keeping DVD players out of the landfills ensures that none of these materials leaches back into the environment. The materials that DVD players are made out of haven’t changed over the years, so recycle DVD players can conceivably be made into more DVD players. They can also be made into a host of other products. Like most materials that contain metals, the metal content of DVD players alone makes it worth it to recycle them. Add in the other materials, and you can see how this is such a popular activity.