How Can Drywall Used Material be Recycled?

Are you interested in learning how to recycle old drywall?  Drywall is plasterboard, also known as gypsum board, and refers to a panel made of gypsum plaster that has been pressed between two thick sheets of paper.  It is often used to create interiors and ceilings inside homes or business properties.  It is often recommended as a faster and easier alternative to traditional lath and plaster interior construction.


Yes, you can reuse old drywall!

However, if you are deconstructing parts of your house, you should know that you can actually recycle old drywall parts.  There are several ways to process and reuse gypsum drywall for recycling.  The first step to recycling is to separate the gypsum from the paper.  The next step is to reduce the size of the gypsum.  The biggest concern will be controlling the dust as you use a tub grinder or another device.

What can old drywall used be recycled into?

It can be made into new drywall so as long as most of the paper is removed.  It can also used as soil amendment, which is beneficial for agriculture, mushroom growing, golf courses, forestry and mine reclamation, home lawns and city parks.  The reason being that gypsum is believed to be beneficial to the soil.  Even the boron that is often added to drywall can be of benefit as a fire retardant.  Drywall used can also be exploited for gunite support (used in construction) or for scraps that can be used to fill out wall cavities.

Get help from others!

There are many national associations and local institutions that can assist you in finding recycling solutions.  What matters is that you take the first step towards more responsible construction by looking into drywall recycling.  It’s not that difficult, considering the many helpful people you are sure to encounter!