How Can You Recycle a Dryer in Working Condition?

What should you do if your dryer is no longer working?  Oh well, it had a good life!  No time to mourn it, especially since you have a brand spanking new energy efficient model!  However, now you have to figure out what to do with this large and inconvenient appliance.  If your dryer is working you have plenty of options.


What are some ideas for recycling or re-housing working dryers?

You can donate your dryer to a local thrift store who will then try to resell the piece.  This is not just giving away your appliance, but giving to the needy, since it will be sold at a below market price to someone who ordinarily couldn’t afford it.  You could also donate the dryer in working condition to charity or to a local church drive that benefits the poor or homeless.

Here’s what you can to move along the process…

You can also post fliers, post notes on bulletin boards (in local centers) or spread the word among friends, family, churchgoers and other community members.  If none of these options work out, you can always list the old dryer in working order on an ad site like Craigslist or in a local newspaper. Instead of selling the device, simply give it away for free.  What’s important is not the price but the fact that you are recycling this unit, doing your part to eliminate unnecessary appliance production.

Two more options you should consider…

You can also take the appliance to the local Department of Waste, which might be able to connect you to a recycling center close by.  Also, if you haven’t yet bought a new appliance you might look into retailers that actually arrange for picking up and recycling your old unit, when you buy a new model.

Just be sure that the institution you work with states explicitly that your old dryer in working condition will be re-housed or recycled.