Solutions to Your Dryer Not Working

What should you do if your dryer is not working?  Is there a way to recycle this large and now unusable device?  Yes, you can still salvage the parts either by offering the entire unit to a recycling facility or disassembling the unit yourself and re-distributing the parts.  First, check to see if you can find someone that will process and recycle the appliance for scrap metal or if they will repair it for another household’s use.  Some may charge a fee, but most will simply take the appliance off your hands.


What are your options for getting rid of an old dryer?

You can also look for a solid waste processing facility or for local companies or institutions that could find use for it, such as a church, a homeless shelter or a charity-thrift store.  Should you opt for repair or complete recycling?  If the old dryer is recycle-friendly, then reuse it.  However, if it does not have a moisture sensor installed, or is older than say, 15 years, then it’s best to simply do away with the product and salvage the metal and plastic parts in it.  Older dryers are not green-friendly and can waste a great deal of energy since they run for longer periods of time and diminish the quality of your clothing.

Should you ask for someone’s help or do it yourself?

Remember, even if the unit is not usable it can still be used for scrap metal.  However, it’s best to let someone else take the appliance apart, as there could be harmful elements inside of the appliance that must be removed by a professional.  After a safe removal, these parts can be used for all sorts of repairs.

Contact a recycling facility in your area for more information on how to use a dryer not working.