Lessons Learned in Recycling Doors and Door Parts

If you own your own home, at some point you may want to replace your doors.  Front doors, back doors, and even doors within the home may get replaced.  Once you replace them however, what do you do with the old doors?  Recycle them, of course.


There are many ways to recycle doors…you just have to get creative!

One way to recycle your old doors is to reuse them for another purpose.  Creative folks out there have used their old doors to make new things such as headboards for their bed, coffee tables, desks, bookcases and more.  A headboard for example could be made by sanding down the edges and covering the door in materials like a pretty, patterned fabric or leather, and just like that you have a nearly free custom headboard.

You can always pay it forward…

Your old doors may no longer match the modern look you are going for in your home.  That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be a dream to someone else who loves the antique look.  Why not see if anyone is in need?  You can also donate them to local thrift stores or charities.

A great way to recycle is by salvaging spare parts…

Don’t let those doors fill up a landfill.  A quick search online can help you find local recycling centers that may be able to recycle your old doors.  Your old brass knobs can be melted down.  Even your old keys can be recycled.  Have a box of keys that you don’t even know what they are for?  Be sure they get recycled along with your old doors.

Recycling benefits the planet, you and others around you.  It doesn’t take much effort but it does a great deal of good to recycle what we can.  If you have old doors then consider trying some of these methods to have them recycled today.