What You Can Do When Your Dishwasher is Not Working

It is quite a pain when your dishwasher stops working.  However, if you have a non-working dishwasher, you don’t have to count it as a total loss.  Instead, think about either recycling the parts or the entire machine.


What can you do with a broken dishwater not working?

For instance, if your dishwasher is no longer working you can remove the bottom shelf and remove the wheels.  Tada, a dish-drying rack!  You can also use the silverware basket from your dishwasher to dry cutlery.  However, you’re far from finished.  You can break down the dishwasher yourself and salvage the scrap metal, the plastic and the glass parts.

What if you don’t know how to disassemble the product?

Then you can always simply disconnect it and then contact somebody to come and take it off your hands.  You could give it away to people or companies looking for old appliances and parts.  You could post an ad for it or take it to a recycling facility that is near your area.  They will be able to break the unit down into scrap metal and other parts.

Other options when the dishwasher is not working might include…

If that doesn’t seem feasible you can also choose to contact the local government waste department to see if they can use the appliance for recycling purposes.  Either they will take it off your hands or will recommend a company that can do the same thing for you.  Lastly, you could contact a trash hauler service to pick the appliance up and take it off your hands, presumably to a recycling facility they work with.

In order to disconnect the dishwasher, you must first unhook it from the wall and cut off the water supply.  You may need professional assistance in this endeavor, unless of course you’re working with someone who can perform this step for you.

It’s important to recycle every appliance and every item, so that we can keep the environment healthy!