What is Dirt Clean Fill and Why is It Useful?

Dirt clean fill is a recyclable item that is used in landscaping for residential areas.  It is a recycled form of dirty, and thought to be a clean and green-friendly application, given that it is free of contaminates.  Many other types of landfill contain corrosive or other poisonous elements.


What is dirt clean made from and what is its purpose?

Dirt clean is made from a variety of sources including brick, clay, concrete gravel, sand or soil.  It is often use for leveling and building a foundation to work with in construction projects.  Often times, it is required in order to repair landscapes that have been eroded.  The ground must be rebuilt, and thus compacted dirt clean fill can be used to elevate or level land.

Other uses of clean fill dirt might include…

After it is applied it can be covered in sod, or even planted.  One of the nice advantages of using clean fill is that it can prevent soil erosion.  It can also be used to create a drainage system.   If it is added as a means to slope the ground surface, this can result in drainage, and it will work before or after you implement the landscape.

Given the fact that artificial dirt, or other filling materials can be noxious, combustible or even radioactive, it’s easy to see why clean dirt is a popular alternative.  In fact, you will often see signs stating that “clean fill” is wanted for a construction project.

There are functional benefits to using this type of landscaping material as well…

Using this type of clean dirt provides functional, and environmental benefits.  You can even customize color, fragrance and form to fit along perfectly with the rest of your house.  If you are planning a construction site then choose dirt clean fill to re-shape the land.  It’s easier for you and better for the earth!