Cash In On Recycling With CRV Plastic

Did you know that every hour, Americans use more than two million plastic bottles? The sad part about this statistic is that most of them are thrown away, instead of put in the recycling bin where they could save the earth energy and pollution. Just one plastic bottle, working in ideal conditions, takes almost five hundred years to decompose completely. With billions of plastic bottles in landfills, that’s a lot of pollution that just doesn’t need to be there. It’s so preventable, and you can even be paid for your time.


Recycling Pays

The CRV program, also known as the California Redemption Value program, pays consumers for the materials they bring in to recycling plants. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of a program that pays you for doing something so easy? Plastic recycling is common all over the state, so you don’t have to find a special location or drive out of your way to do it. Just collect the plastic bottles with the CRV symbol and drive them down to your local recycling center. Other containers can be recycled the usual way, through curbside pick-up. Recycling plastic is so easy that there is no reason all recyclable plastic containers shouldn’t make their way to a nearby recycling center.

A Small Price to Pay

One ton of recycled plastic saves the county on a little less than four barrels of oil, and with so many plastic bottles in use every day around the country, that’s a lot of barrels. Recycled plastic is useful, too. It is used to make trashcans, carpeting, playground equipment, toys, clothing, and hundreds of other items. It’s hard to come up with a limited list of the industries that benefit from the use of recycled plastic. You can help encourage more use of recycled plastic by giving your business to companies that use it in their products. Every little bit helps.