Time to Recycle Those Old Computer Components

Recycling computer components is very important if we hope to keep the planet green and clean in the coming years. With the speed at which technology advances, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the changes, but many people try. This means that they have new computers replacing their old computers every few years. Some people upgrade, but many do not. All of those older computers, and computers that no longer work, may end up in the landfills unless more people start recycling their computer components.


Is Recycling a Computer Hard?

You will find that even though all of the components in the computer are made of different material, such as plastic and metal, recycling is actually quite simple. You don’t have to disassemble your computer – although it’s a good idea to wipe your hide drive for the safety of your identity. You can find drop off locations that will take the entire computer and then bring it to the appropriate recycling facilities. Some stores are even taking old computer components and other electronics now as a means to increase awareness when it comes to recycling.

If the computer is still working, but it’s old, you can always donate it to someone who needs it or sell it. If one of the components, such as the monitor, is still working but the hard drive and the motherboard have issues, you could give away the monitor and then recycle the rest of the computer components.

If you don’t have any options for recycling in your local area, you will find that some company such as Hewlett-Packard and Apple, have recycling programs.

Save the Landfills

Considering just how much space all of those old computers can take up in the dump, it’s easy to see why recycling is so important. By recycling, the components from your old computer will then be able to go into making all new products, which can reduce the overall impact of manufacturing on the environment.