Organic Growers Love Using Quality Compost

Many people who have their own gardens will want to start using compost to help their flowers, vegetables, and other plants to grow. Compost is organic matter that’s gone through decomposition, and it acts are a fertilizer. Most people who do organic farming will use compost in their soil.

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Organic Gardeners Make Compost

It’s quite easy to create your own compost to use in your garden, and you will be able to make it on your own. You will need to have a composting bin, as well as organic matter. Some of the best material to add to your composting pile includes coffee grounds, alfalfa, food waste, garden waste, vegetable scraps, bark, peanut shells, fruit waste and wood. You will find that you can add quite a few different things to make different concentrations of compost that have high nitrogen or high carbon.

While there are a number of great things that you can add to your compost, you will want to avoid some items. You shouldn’t add meat, bones, fish, pet waste, colored paper, or diseased plants. Remember, the items that you add are going into the soil where you will be growing vegetables that you are going to eat!

Why Should You Compost?

For starters, you will be adding more nutrients to your soil, and that means that you should start to see healthier and larger plants. Of course, composting is also great for the environment. Instead of putting all of those vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, and other food waste into the trash, you will be able to recycle them and use them in your compost. The amount of materials entering the landfills each year from food waste alone is staggering. By composting, you are able to reduce this waste while it helps you grow more food. Composting is easily one of the best and most complete ways to recycle.