Why Recycle Circline Fluorescent Lamps

Circline fluorescent lamps fit specific light fixtures, so they’re not used as commonly as other light bulbs may be.  Their rarity is no reason to assume you can simply throw them away when they are no longer needed, however.  One bulb can cause more problems than you might imagine.  As with any other lamps in your home, you should make sure you dispose of your circline fluorescent lamps correctly at all times.  Finding a recycling facility that accepts fluorescent bulbs is the best way to make sure your lamps are handled correctly, and that will give you the peace of mind you need.

The Composition of Circline Fluorescent Lamps

As with most fluorescent bulbs, these lamps contain small amounts of mercury.  Not much of this element is needed to cause serious problems, as mercury is highly toxic.  If you need to get rid of your bulbs, you should understand that simply sending them out with the garbage runs the risk of these bulbs breaking and releasing mercury into the environment.  That mercury can then be absorbed into groundwater, which is then returned to us through the pipes.  As you can see, even one bulb causes problems.  If everyone decided not to recycle, the problems could become overwhelming.

Where to Recycle Bulbs

Depending on where you live in the San Diego area, there are surely several facilities nearby that can take your circline fluorescent lamps from you.  These bulbs will then be repurposed, if at all possible.  The glass can be reused for new bulbs, as well as other parts like plastic and metal.  Mercury can then be disposed of safely and correctly by professionals who know the dangers of this element.

To find the best center for your needs, you can check www.recyclesandiego.com for a comprehensive listing of recycling facilities, as well as their contact information.