Christmas Tree Recycling is Easier than Ever

When all of the festivities of Christmas die down, and you’ve packed away the decorations for another year, you still have to deal with the Christmas tree. What are you going to do with the tree now that the holidays are over? You can’t simply put it out by the curb, and you can’t throw it away in a garbage bin. However, you will find that today it’s easier than ever to recycle your Christmas tree, and you have several ways that you can do it.


Recycling Your Christmas Tree

Many communities will have a recycling service for your Christmas trees. They may have special drop off locations where you will be able to take your tree. Some towns also offer special curbside pickup for trees for a couple of weeks after Christmas. Not all locations do this though, so you will want to make sure that your area offers this service before you set your tree outside. Check with the local recycling centers to see if they have a program for after the holidays as well. Many of them will be able to take your old tree.

You have some other options for recycling your trees too. You might want to send the tree through a chipper so you can then use the chips for your garden or walkways. You may also be able to cut the tree into smaller pieces and then put it in your green waste bin.

Why Should You Recycle Your Trees?

Millions of trees become Christmas trees each year, and if they were all to go into the landfill, there would be a huge problem. By recycling, you can make sure that the tree is disposed of properly and used rather than just rotting in a landfill. It’s an environmentally sound decision to recycle your trees, and it’s easy with all of the programs available.