Put Used Cellular Phones To Good Use

These days, it seems like everyone wants the latest gadget to carry around. Whether it’s the latest T-Mobile Blackberry phones, or the popular iPhone 4s, people are replacing their old phones with the newest cell phones. Our cell phones do so much, from games to academic endeavors to award winning photography and video editing.. Oh, and they also make phone calls. But when you discard your old phone for the newest It cell phone, what do you do with the old model? If you are currently throwing your old cell phone in the garbage, or even keeping them locked away in a cabinet somewhere, you should know there are better uses those phones can have.


Phones for Those In Need

One of the most popular methods of getting rid of your old phone has become donating it to organizations that support the military. Your old phone will go to a solider, and that soldier will have gained the ability to call home and speak with his or her loved ones. These cell phone collections also aim at helping the homeless by supplying them with contacting potential employers and landlords.

In Case of Emergency

Old, disabled phones must be able to call 911 by law in this country, so you can always put an old phone in the glove compartment of your car. Make sure that it stays charged by checking on it from time to time. That way, if you are ever in an emergency situation and your current cell phone is dead, you will still have a functioning cell phone just for emergencies.

Electronic Recycling

As a last method of recycling, there are companies that collect used electronics for the purposes of recycling. These companies will break your old phone down into its parts and recycle everything individually. This is a great method if your phone is dead or no longer works well. You can still feel like you are helping the environment and the energy used to produce that old phone will not have been wasted.