Recycle Your Old Digital Cameras

You can save the environment one piece of electronics at a time, and you might want to start with that old digital camera you’ve been thinking about replacing. There are some really easy ways to recycle your camera, and you’ll find that the waste you are preventing by doing so is satisfaction enough.


Donate Your Camera

There are many charitable organizations that would be happy to take your old digital camera off your hands, particularly if it still works very well. These organizations often give the items they get to people in need. It will make you feel great to know that your camera is in the hands of someone less fortunate than yourself, someone who might not have otherwise been able to buy a camera.

Why Companies Want Your Camera

Camera recycling has become a relatively common practice now, and in fact there are whole web sites devoted to colleting old cameras for the purposes of recycling them. The motivation of these companies varies. Newer cameras are worth collecting for the resale value, but some companies also like collecting older cameras to be refurbished. Other companies will use your old camera for parts, breaking it down into its elements and using those pieces to repair other functioning cameras. Camera shops also take an interest in old, non-functioning cameras for this reason.

You’re Saving Energy

The bottom line is, it takes a lot of work to produce that old digital camera that you may not like anymore. A factory worked to produce every component, and pollution as waste was expelled in the process. You are doing the earth a favor by trying to get every last use possible out of it before it becomes waste. Throwing it away and having it end up in a landfill certainly isn’t the answer.