Recycle Your Old Cabinets, Cabinet Doors, and Cabinet Fixtures

When you decide to remodel your kitchen, there are a lot of things to consider. Should you redo the floors? What kind of appliances should you get? Do you prefer brass or silver finish on your fixtures? But one question may not come to mind right away. You should always think about what you will do with the items you remove from your kitchen, particularly things like cabinets.


Treasure, Not Trash

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to find someone to take those old cabinets off your hands. Unless you are getting rid of them because they are permanently or irreparably damaged, you can probably find someone who is willing to not only take your cabinets and old fixtures but who will take them for free! Craigslist is a very good service for this kind of thing. Place an ad, or several ads, saying that the cabinets are free but will need to be taken away and installed by the recipient.

Another good place to try is any local charity. Habitat for Humanity is a good place to try, because they are always looking for people to donate time, goods, or money. There is no reason why your old cabinets shouldn’t go on living a perfectly useful life.


On that note, repurposing your old cabinets for another area of your home is a great way to recycle. Since they are ideal for storage, think about putting your cabinets, cabinet doors, and cabinet fixtures to use in your basement or garage, or another part of your house where you could use the storage.

Just Don’t Throw It Out

There is no reason at all you should completely discard the cabinets that you remove from your home. Even if all they are good for is the wood, you should be able to find a place that takes scrap wood, and recycle the fixtures in another way.