Recycle Your Leftover Bubble Wrap

We all know what bubble wrap is – that fun packing material that pops when you squeeze it and comes in a variety of widths and sizes. Did you know that bubble wrap began as an idea for a new type of wallpaper? Of course, today, bubble wrap is a $3.5 billion dollar industry, and most of the packages we receive in the mail have some kind of bubble wrap inside. Getting rid of that material safely, however, can be surprisingly difficult.



Drop Off Locations

Check with your local mail carrier or commercial delivery service. Many of these businesses will take drop off of bubble wrap and other packaging materials for reuse. This is ideal for bubble wrap that has not had its usefulness popped out of it.

Second Life Uses

Bubble wrap has some surprising alternative uses that you may want to consider. For example, you can winterize outdoor potted plants by wrapping the pot with bubble wrap, extending the wrap a couple of inches over the rim of the pot and securing it with bubble wrap. That will help insulate the pot when the weather cools. For similar reasons, bubble wrap makes a great insulator inside your picnic basket, to keep cold foods like ice cream and soda pop cold.

Repack and Pass It On

Why add more plastic to the landfill if you don’t have to? Keep the old bubble wrap in the same place as other packing materials like mailing tape and cardboard boxes. That way, you won’t have to buy more packing material when you go to send your next care package or item. Don’t forget that bubble wrap is wonderful during a move, as well. You can wrap up your dishes and breakables using this handy packing material and make sure that nothing breaks in transition.