Reusing Brick and Tile

You can reduce the amount of waste that goes into your local landfill thanks to construction projects in a very tangible way by not just tossing out those old bricks and tiles when you undergo a remodeling project. The ceramic materials found in bricks and tile, not to mention other masonry materials, are incredibly sturdy. If they are removed properly from their original resting place, there is no reason to throw them out like trash.


What’s The Big Deal?

Bricks and tiles are often considered “architectural rubble” for the purposes of disposal, and that means that they can be very difficult for you to dispose of in the traditional sense. Not only that, but since most ceramic waste is actually perfectly good for a second use, there is no reason not to repurpose it for something else.

Salvage Companies

If you don’t have a use for your brick and tile waste, you may want to consider finding an architectural salvage company. Provided that you have properly removed the brick and tile from its original resting place, you may have some interesting specimens. Ancient brick is quite popular in certain circles, and if you have interesting tiles that are still usable, you may be able to donate or sell them as well.

Get Creative

If you’d rather use your old masonry in your home, there are quite a few ways you can go about doing that. If you want to use old brick for structural purposes, have it checked out to make sure its integrity has not been compromised. Old tile makes lovely mosaics, and you can put that brick to use by laying down garden paths or chipping them down and landscaping with the pieces. There are endless ways you can put ceramic waste to good use, whether you are dealing with brick, tile, or other masonry materials.