Do Not Trash Your Old Box Spring

Your clunky box spring takes up a lot of space in your bedroom, so it makes sense that it will also take up a lot of room at the local landfill. In fact, box springs and mattresses are posing a real problem in landfills around the country. Most landfills will actually charge a fee to dispose of a box spring, and others refuse to take them. This has led to people covertly disposing of their box springs and mattresses in other, less than ideal places. There is a better way.

  • City of San Diego Residents Contact Environmental Services: 858-694-7000
  • All Other County Residents call: 1-877-R-1-EARTH (1-877-713-2784)

Innovative Recycling Programs

You may not know it, but your old box spring and mattress are made up of materials that can be recycled by the correct process. There are many companies and nonprofits that will accept your box spring and break it down, recycling each component. Inside your box spring are steel, wool, cotton, and polyurethane foam. While together these materials may not be ideal for recycling, broken apart, nearly all of it can be put to better use.

Donation Is An Option

You can also consider taking your box spring to a local charity for donation. Many places like Goodwill and Salvation Army will take old mattresses and box springs and put them up for sale in their stores. If your mattress is still useable, this is a good option. Some of these same charitable organizations are also involved in recycling programs, which means that even if they don’t end up selling your box spring, it will still be recycled.

Stop Adding to the Waste

Mattresses and box springs cause a huge problem for local landfills. Hundreds of thousands of them are discarded every year, and these unwieldy pieces of furniture often rise to the top of the trash heap again and again. The springs and fibers can be hard on compacting equipment, and the wasted material is just one more unnecessary environmental impact.