Recycling Books That Are Paperback Is Easy

There are many easy and quick ways to recycle your paperback books, so why wouldn’t you? These books are often bound with slick, soft cardboard-like paper, and the covers are easily separated from the rest of the book. You can recycle your paperback books just like a phonebook or other paper products.


Charitable Giving

Books are gifts that keep on giving. When you donate a book to a charity, you give someone else the gift of knowledge and adventure. No matter if you are getting rid of old college textbooks or much-loved children’s books, you should always consider letting a local charitable organization take your books off your hands. Book drives are common, and you may even be able to take your books in for trading. Unless you have a reason to throw your books away, always think first about where you could donate your books and put them to good use.

Consider starting a local book drive or donating to an international children’s organization. These methods of recycling help spread your wealth of words to people in need that don’t have anywhere else to access reading material.

Sell Your Wares

Many people enjoy getting rid of their books for cheap at yard sales, or now, through online auction sites. People love to buy cheap books, and if you would rather earn a little money than donate your books to charity, this is a great way to do that.

Paper Recycling

If recycling is your aim, paperback books fall into the same category as catalogs and phone books. Most recycling centers refer to them as “mixed paper.” There is no reason to throw these books in the garbage, especially because the paper pulp can be reused and recycled with so little effort to you, and with great potential impact on the environment.