Always Recycle Plastic Bins and Containers

It would shock you if you knew all the statistics involving plastic use in the United States and how that related to plastic recycling. For example, while Americans recycled 2.4 billion pounds of plastic bottles in 2008, that came out to a mere 27 percent of the total plastic bottles used. While plastic recycling is steadily growing, we need to make an effort to recycle every bit of plastic possible. Recycling a single ton of plastic, for example, only clears 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space.

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Recycling Collection

It is almost a given that your local waste management company will have a program for recycling plastic. It is up to you to know the rules associated with this program. Make sure that before you recycle any plastic bins or containers, you rinse them thoroughly. Some recycling centers require that you also sort your plastic by number. Most curb programs take 1’s and 2’s, which include milk jugs, soda bottles, and some plastic bags.

Buy Recycled Plastic

You can help support the strides that the plastics industry is making in increasing the recyclability of their products by purchasing goods made from recycled materials. If the plastic industry knows that there is a market for recycled plastic, they will make sure to try harder to solve current issues with certain types of plastic that are not easily recycled.

Check Your Containers At The Store

Try to purchase items that come in containers which you know can be recycled. Type 5, for example, is notoriously hard to recycle and is not accepted by most waste management programs. So is Type 7. The most commonly recyclable types are 1 and 2, and sometimes 4. Again, it is important that you check with your local recycling program to make sure that you know the rules about recycling. Once you have that knowledge, you can begin to make smarter choices for your household and the environment.