Bed Frames Can Be Recycled Easily

Getting a new bed is exciting and fun, but figuring out what to do with your old bed frame is oftentimes a big headache. These frames can be metal or wood, or even plastic, and are usually bulky and unwieldy.


Consider Donation

There are many people in need of affordable furniture, and your old bed frame probably has some life left in it. Why just throw it away to let it rot in some landfill? Your bed frame can enjoy a new life in someone else’s home, and you will have the pleasure of knowing that you recycled something that would otherwise go to waste. A lot of energy and resources went into making that frame, and you owe it to the environment to come up with new ways to keep using those materials. Charitable organizations will often take used furniture, or you could sell it or give it away using an online auction community.

Sell It For Parts

It seems funny to think of breaking down your bed frame into “parts”, but if you have the right kind of bed frame, you may be able to do just that. Metal recycling plants will often buy old metal frames, for example, or you could take a wooden frame apart and donate the lumber. It doesn’t take a lot of creativity or time to think up a number of places that would be willing to take the raw materials of your old frame and put them to good use.

Call the City

Many communities have a pick-up service that will help you with bulkier items. Your local waste authority should be able to get you details about how to recycle your frame and how to apply for curbside pickup. In some instances you may have to take the frame to a drop off location. This extra bit of effort is well worth what it will save for the environment.