Dispose Of Your Batteries For Household Use Properly

The typical alkaline battery that powers your remote control and small electronics around the home is actually full of dangerous chemicals and heavy metals that could be quite harmful to the environment if you don’t dispose of them properly. While it used to be commonplace to just throw these batteries out, now you can find recycling centers that will take them and dispose of them properly.


What’s the Big Deal?

Those little batteries don’t seem like much, and you may wonder how something so small could be harmful at all. This way of thinking is out of date, though, and just plain wrong. When your household batteries get thrown away, they may develop leaks. These leaks will let the chemicals and heavy metals that power your household batteries into the ground and possibly the water systems, polluting the world around you. The average American throws away eight batteries per year. Think of how many little batteries that adds up to, and you won’t think that household batteries aren’t a big deal anymore.

Find a Battery Collection Point

Many local communities have started offering electronic collection services to help you recycle some of the trickier items you may want to get rid of without harming the environment. These points will often collect household batteries and reduce the possibility of pollution.

Rechargeable Batteries

One of the best steps you can take toward reducing your waste and preventing household battery pollution is the use of rechargeable batteries. You can use these handy batteries at least one hundred times or more, depending on the brand and power, and these batteries are also more readily recyclable. With rechargeable batteries, you won’t need to buy as many and therefore, you won’t be throwing away as many when they wear out. This just makes good sense, for your wallet as well as for the planet.