It is Possible to Recycle Parts of RVs Mobile Homes

As with most vehicles, you will find that the many of the parts on RVs and mobile homes are recyclable. The only real differences are that you will have more of the recyclable parts because of the size of the vehicle, and you will likely have some other materials that you wouldn’t find in a standard car or truck.

What Parts of RVs and Mobile Homes are Recyclable?

From the tires to the roof, you will find that the RVs and mobile homes that you’ve toured the country with and vacationed in for years are full of material that you can recycle. The metal that make up the frame of the RV, as well as the metal in the engine, can be recycled through many scrap metal companies. The glass in the windows, wood furnishings that you might have in the home, the plastic, and more can be recycled as well.

How to Recycle an RV or Mobile Home

An RV or mobile home is going to be much larger than a car, and that means that it can be trickier to recycle. You might not have a scrap yard in your area that’s able to take the vehicle because of the size, and you may have to dismantle it on your own, or hire someone to help. Another option to get a bit of money and to make sure that the parts are going to be reused is to sell off pieces of them to other RV owners. Door handles, windshields, and even some engine parts are sellable online.

As with other types of vehicles, some charity organizations are willing to take them. These organizations will be able to make sure that they go through proper recycling, and they will provide you a tax incentive to take the vehicle off your hands for you. In most cases, they will even be able to pick up the RV or mobile home.