Best Ways to Recycle Antifreeze

Many of the liquids and chemicals that go into your car are very hazardous for the environment, and you have to be extremely careful when it comes time to dispose of them. Antifreeze is one such substance. The engine coolant that can serve different purposes in your vehicle. It keeps the system from freezing in the winter months, and it can keep if from boiling in the summer, so that your car doesn’t overheat. The antifreeze also contains chemicals that reduce corrosion and scale formation in your radiator and engine.

  • Check with your local auto parts store, most accept old antifreeze

Why Proper Recycling is So Important

You never want to have antifreeze leaching into the water supply, so you don’t want to throw it out in the trash, and you don’t want to pour it out onto the driveway or the lawn either.

Antifreeze is toxic, and it can cause serious injury and even death in pets and children. You never want to leave old bottles of antifreeze around, as pets have a way of getting into things that they shouldn’t. The same goes for young children. Recycling is easy, so make sure that you take proper care of your old antifreeze.

Where to Take Your Antifreeze

Whether you are draining the old antifreeze from your vehicle, or you have a few old bottles of antifreeze sitting in the garage, you will dispose of them in the same manner. You can visit an automotive service shop and see if they will take your old antifreeze. Most of the shops will do this just like they take old oil, and you may even be able to find some auto part stores that will take it. These facilities have the capability to dispose of the antifreeze properly. Another option is to take the antifreeze to a household hazardous waste facility in your area.