The Importance of Plastic Recycling

Plastic recycling is probably one of the most common forms of recycling, and it’s something with which most people are familiar. Recycling plastic bottles is just one part of this area of recycling though. Consider all of the other types of plastics in your life that are recyclable. The keyboard for your computer, pieces of your vehicle, bags from the grocery store, fans, lamps, and more all contain plastic. It’s one of the most useful and versatile substances available, and that means there’s a lot of it out there. In turn, that means that the need for recycling plastic is quite high.

Benefits of Recycling Plastic Goods

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Landfills are filling up faster than ever with the increased population. To lower the impact on the landfills, as well as the environment, plastic recycling is essential. In the case of plastic bottles, you can also recycle them for money in many areas.

Starting at Home

You can recycle bottles easily enough, and you can have the local recycling company pick them up, or you can drop them off at a recycling center. Other materials that you can recycle include old plastic chairs, plastic bags, and plastic coverings for furniture or computers. Make sure that you always follow the local guidelines when it comes to recycling your different types of plastic.

Processes for Plastic Recycling

Once the plastic reached the recycling plant, the difficult part begins. Because of the molecular nature of plastics, it’s more difficult to recycle than it is to recycle something such as paper or glass. However, a number of techniques for plastic recycling are available. After sorting, the plastic may go through the monomer recycling process, thermal depolymerization, or heat compression. Through these processes, they are able to take the cleaned and melted plastics and use them in the manufacturing of other items.

Alphabetical List of Plastic Recycling Items: